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Imagine Increasing the Size of a 5-Inch Penis to 10-Inches!  Is This Possible?  ABSOLUTELY!  Exclusive Supplement Formulation that Works Like Magic Giving You AMAZING Results FAST!



How You Can Dramatically Increase the Size of Your Penis by Up to 5 Inches!  And Yes, This Means It Will Be Longer, Thicker, and Harder PERMANENTLY!


Getting Bigger, Thicker, Longer and Firmer Can Now Be a Reality…

And in Lightning Speed!

How would it make you feel to confidently stroll into a drug store and ask someone behind the counter, “Where can I find your extra-large condoms?”  If anyone was within earshot, especially a woman, they would quickly snap a look into your direction and probably try to take a sneak peak at your bulge in your pants before biting their lip at the obvious huge size you have down there.  Then she would squeeze her throbbing thighs together while wishing she could be with you for the night.

She would probably also be thinking about how small her boyfriend or husband is and how, one of these days, she’ll be with someone with a King Kong penis like yours.  And hopefully soon.

And maybe you’ll be the one she’ll be with.

Size Does Matter…And If She Tells You Otherwise, SHE’S LYING!


Reality is this: a longer and thicker penis allows for a deeper, more fulfilling sexual experience for women.  A thicker penis stimulates the clitoris and gives a woman some incredibly intense, out-of-this-world multiple orgasms.  And if you can’t bring her to that level of ecstasy, she’ll pretend you can get her off while dreaming of having a real stud in the sack.  Unfortunately the pretending will only last for so long before either she’ll become completely frigid toward you or will find another man to satisfy her.

If your girl isn’t telling you how big and thick you are during sex, you’re in trouble!  Do you think she is really going to tell you the truth about how small you are or how you’re not satisfying her?   Or that she is used to a much bigger, thicker penis?  You may not know it, but she could already be looking for someone else to satisfy her sexual needs because you’re just not big enough for her.  (And anyone who says size doesn’t matter is a flat out liar.  No amount of acrobatics in bed can substitute for a big penis.)

Being able to satisfy a woman each and every time gives you the confidence you need that spreads throughout all other areas of your life.  When you have confidence, you are better at work, dealing with people, and happier overall as a person.  You’ll walk taller, be more personable, and even draw in more opportunities for advancement in your life because confidence breeds success.


Even If You’re “Above Average” You’re Still Probably Too Small!


The “average” erect penis is between 5.1 and 5.7 inches.  Even if you’re 6 inches or larger and “above average,” women typically are not satisfied unless you’re at least 7 inches.

The “average” circumference of an erect penis is between 3.5 and 3.9 inches.  If you’re within range, good for you.  If you want to really want to give a woman ultimate euphoria with multiple orgasms, you have to be 4.2 inches or thicker.

            The worst thing you can have is Pencil Dick Syndrome where you are 7 inches or longer yet you are too skinny for any woman to ever give a damn about what you can do in bed…because it feels no different than if she’s being screwed by a thick kindergarten pencil.  And that really sucks!

What Women Really Talk About Behind Closed Doors…is How BIG Your Penis Is!


Whether you’re in a steady relationship or just playing the field, any woman you’ve been with sexually will talk about how good you are in bed ONLY if you have a big penis.  If you are average or below average in size, not only will she never mention your size during “girl talk” out of sheer embarrassment but she’ll never even talk about how it was to have sex with you at all.

And by “woman code,” if a chic never mentions how you were in bed, it doesn’t mean that you suck in bed.  (Not totally anyway.)  It means you have a small penis.  Her girlfriends know not to ask because they automatically know that by not mentioning how sex is with you means that you are small, unsatisfying, and probably the next one to get kicked to the curb.

But if you’re huge, guess what?  That’s the first thing she’ll start bragging about to anyone who will listen including girlfriends, women in the bathroom at clubs, and even women she hates just to make them green with envy.  She’ll be telling everyone how big you are, down to the inches and thickness.   Even if you weren’t that good of a lover, she’ll still be talking about your hung penis, regularly referring to you as having a “baby arm” or “king cobra.”  (You may not even have a first name anymore but instead be called “BA” for “baby arm” or “KC” for “king cobra.”)  After all, since she was with you, she is automatically entitled to bragging rights.

And, as you know, word of mouth travels!

If she’s about to kick you to the curb, the first thing she’ll start to do to rip you apart is tell everyone how small you are if you have a tiny penis.  Again, as you know, word of mouth travels!  That’s probably not something you would be proud to have swirling around town: details about how small your penis is and how bad you suck in bed because of it.


It’s Never Been Possible to Increase the Size of the Penis Without Surgery…Until Now!


Penis enlargement surgery is not only expensive but painful with an extremely lengthy recovery time.  The most you can get with this type of surgery would be about 2 inches.  This is because approximately 50% of your penis is inside of your body and specialty doctors (plastic surgeons) can essentially “pull” part of your “inner” penis outward, thus allowing you to gain a couple of inches.  If your penis is small, say 5 inches or less, a surgeon will probably only be able to gain only an additional inch in size for you because you have less to “pull” out of your body outward.

Surgically widening the penis is equally as expensive and painful.  This is where they will graft layers of your penile skin adding width.  You can gain up to 35% in girth or width.  While this isn’t too shabby of a gain, recovery time is about 6 weeks and is expensive while being a painful process.  And who wants to bother with all that?


Get Bigger While Increasing Your Sex Drive Ten-Fold!


Instead you can use a safe, inexpensive, and painless method by taking all natural herbal supplements.  What these supplements can do is dilate (expand) the arteries within your body, namely those that provide the blood supply to your penis.  The herbs responsible for this magical ability to make your penis longer and thicker are Ginkgo, Horney Goat Weed, and Damiana.  These same ingredients also dramatically increase your sex drive while allowing your penis to grow in size, so you get the best of both worlds. 

            Here’s how it works…

By consistently and religiously taking these supplements daily as directed, your arteries and capillaries start to expand.  Plus these ingredients help the “spongy” part of your penis thicken up.  This makes your penis longer, thicker, and firmer 24/7 while you continue taking the supplements.  You’ll also have an increased sex drive and if you take this supplement with our X-Factor Formula, you’ll stay harder longer during sex.  This will give you sexual stamina like you’ve never had before. 


In order to add to the effectiveness of the supplements, you have to use a highly specialized formulated oil that helps expand your capillaries from the outside.  Essentially you have two elements working for you: one from the inside and one from the outside.  This allows for your penis to get huge in the shortest amount of time.


“But…Aren’t ‘Magic Pills,’ Pumps, Weights and Surgery a Waste of Time and Money?”


The short answer is…yes! 

I already mentioned the problems with getting surgery; it’s painful, expensive, and doesn’t give you much in length and girth expansion.  Why go to a Beverly Hills doctor and outlay thousands of dollars while being in massive pain for months for an extra ½ inch to an inch?  What a total waste!

Pumps are a joke.  They are able to expand the capillaries for a short-term period.  In actuality, your increased penis size lasts for mere minutes.  Forget about it lasting for days, weeks or months.  Unfortunately, with a pump, the minute you stop pumping, the results quickly begin diminishing.

Weights are designed to work your “muscle.”  The problem is that your penis really isn’t a real muscle.  Your arm doesn’t go completely flaccid the second you stop flexing, sort of how your penis does.  Using a weight as a form of exercise is a foolish waste of time, just as it would be to exercise your ear lobes with swinging weights in the form of super heavy earrings.  This is, yet, another scam to pry you from your hard-earned money.

My Story Revealed:  How I Went From Having a SUPER SMALL Penis to Having a King Kong Dong in 15 Weeks and the Little Things That ALL Women Are Now Doing "To" Me Because of My New Massive Size!

But what about the “magic pill”?  Do any of them really work?

There are a lot of companies claiming to have a magic pill that you simply take and…BINGO…you have a huge penis a few days later!  While the idea is ridiculous, men fall for it because they want to believe that it’s this magical.

Most of these supplement formulas are nothing more than a mixture of caffeine with glorified scientific ingredient names that fool men into believing there’s something special in that little bottle of pills.  In reality, those same herbal supplement can double as a “pep” pill because there’s nothing different about the ingredients.  While those products may make you feel like something is happening “down there,” reality is that you did nothing more than pound down a 5-Hour Energy Drink.


How Did I Come Up with Such a “Magic” Formula Where So Many Others Have FAILED?


I stumbled on something by accident from overseas that is completely different than anything you’ve ever seen that’s on the market sold here in the United States.

So, no.  I’m not a magic genie…although some men have said that I am.

            Listen, I was in your shoes at one time.  I didn’t have the size I wanted.  I felt ripped off and scammed by so my pills and devices out there that I gave up with the process, figured I was going to have to undergo expensive and painful surgery for only an inch or two, and just threw in the towel and forgot about ever getting to a larger size.

            Then I took a trip to Europe where they sell products over there that aren’t available yet here in the United States.  I was over there for almost 2 months.  While there I tried an over-the-counter herbal supplement coupled with an oil that I applied twice daily. 

And the results were stunning!  In fact, if you want to see my before and after pictures, CLICK HERE.  You’ll see the massive difference between my old size and my final “maxed out” size which took about 4 months total to get there.  It’s an amazing difference.  I even shaved so that you can see the full effect.

            When I came back to the U.S. I decided to see if I couldn’t have the formula duplicated.  I was shocked to discover that all of the ingredients were “street legal” according to the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).  So, I created the first, original, and (as far as I know) the ONLY formula of its kind in the United States.  (CLICK HERE for information on the ingredients.)

            Now I’m giving you the opportunity to try it out for yourself.  You’ll be mind-boggled at how powerful this formula really is.


How This Centuries-Old Formula Makes You Grow Fast While Increasing Your Sex Drive Ten-Fold!


This formulation is an all-natural and completely safe part-Asian, part-Indian centuries-old supplement and oil regimen, designed to increase the size of your penis from the inside.  This rare formulation was developed thousands of years ago for kings who wanted to become well-endowed.  This same base formula has only been perfected with each turn of the century.    Its tested and proven ingredients are designed to permanently “beef up” your penis instead of putting you on a jittery caffeine high that does nothing more than expand the blood flow all throughout your entire body. 

The power of my supplement and oil formulas combined is solely in their ability to help you “grow” by stimulating your cell building blocks in a way that protein builds healthy skin, bones, muscles, and hair.  No other penis enlargement supplement out there has the same system in place than mine has which is why it’s so powerful and effective.

What these supplements do is dilate (expand) the arteries within your body, namely those that provide the blood supply to your penis.  The herbs responsible for this magical ability to make your penis longer and thicker are Ginkgo, Horney Goat Weed, and Damiana among a proprietary mix of “old school” all-natural Asian and Indian ingredients of magical qualities.   These same ingredients also dramatically increase your sex drive while allowing your penis to grow in size, so you get the best of both worlds.  Here’s how it works…

By consistently and religiously taking these supplements daily as directed, your arteries and capillaries start to expand.  What happens is that ingredients help the “spongy” part of your penis thicken up.  Your capillaries are expanded through the unique herbal-blend supplement formula, working from the inside.  The oil works from the outside, absorbing through your skin, immediately bolstering your member.  It’s like Botox for the penis that you don’t have to inject.   Essentially you have two elements working for you: one from the inside and one from the outside.  This allows for your penis to get huge in the shortest amount of time.

Because you are working from both the outside and inside simultaneously, your new larger penis will stay permanent in size as long as you continue with the regimen.    Plus, you’ll also have an increased sex drive and if you take this supplement with my X-Factor Formula, you’ll stay harder longer during sex.  This will give you sexual stamina like you’ve never had before.  Guaranteed!


Easy Step-by-Step System…Only Taking Seconds a Day for Massive Penis Gains in a Matter of Weeks!

Drastically Increase Your Penis Size Up to 5 Inches Within Weeks…And Keep Your New Size Permanently!


            Imagine increasing your penis size by up to 5 inches within a matter of weeks!  All you do is this: take the supplements each day while applying the oil to your penis twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime.  And that’s it.  The growth process will begin and you’ll actually feel it start to work right away.

            It will take about a week before you’ll begin to notice a difference.  After a few weeks you’ll notice a big increase in your penis size.  As long as you continue on with the regimen, you’ll see an increase in size until you “max out” at 5 inches; although one of my customers saw a 6 ½ inch increase in size but that was an unusual occurrence.

            As long as you stay on the supplement and oil regimen, you’ll keep your new enlarged firmer, thicker, longer size.  Unlike the lies and nonsense of other pills (that never work, by the way), they say that you take the supplements for a couple of months and you never have to take them again.  This isn’t scientifically possible considering the fact that the supplements keep the capillaries enlarged for maximum effect.  Once you stop the regimen then the capillaries will no longer stay in their new expanded state.


“So…How Much Is This Going to Cost and What Am I Getting?  How BIG Am I Going to Get…and How Fast?”


            Considering everything on the market that doesn’t work, I have a product that works.  Guaranteed!  I’m not going to waste your time and money pitching a lame product that doesn’t work like a snake oil salesman while charging you some paltry amount of money that, when the product doesn’t work, you won’t bother sending it back because it’s too much of an inconvenience.  This is when, instead, you’ve just chalked it off as a foolish purchase.  This is what everyone else does.  My product is much different.  My system actually works!

            If you want a product that works, you’ll no doubt pay a price for it.  Cheap $60 bottles of pills or a bogus $30 penis pump from an adult bookstore are shabby products that don’t work.  My product is a complete system that works completely from the inside out.  And it works extremely well!  It’s been tested and proven, starting with working on myself, and going on to work on thousands of other men who wanted King Kong size penises.  And it certainly beats shelling out thousands of dollars for painful surgery to maybe score an extra 2 inches.

            I’m not going to promise you that you’ll go from a 5-incher to a 10-incher inside of 4 weeks because that won’t happen.  Typically what happens is that you’ll grow about an inch a month.  If you want up to 5 inches, you’ll need to keep up on the system for about 5 months.  Then, if you want to keep your new larger, thicker, longer, and firmer size, you’ll have to stay on the system.  Scammer product pushers will claim (and lie) saying that your new size will be permanent and you won’t have to keep taking or applying the supplements.  This is scientifically impossible because you can’t keep the new enlarged size of your penis without keeping up with the regimen.

            But considering the alternative – a rinky-dinky penis that no chic wants to mess with – taking a few seconds a day to keep your new huge size is a small price to pay.  It beats painful surgery or having women hate having sex with you because you’re penis is a joke.

            An even smaller price to pay is the price of my system.  I’ll be honest and say that the bogus products out there will cost next to nothing for a bogus 30-day bottle of pills.  (And who knows what you’re putting in your body?)  I have a complete 60-day system (that will grow your penis about 2 inches or more in this first 60-day session).  This includes 60 days of my exclusive herbal supplement formula (not available anywhere else) and my penis enlargement oil.  You’ll get the entire 60-day system for $279 $184 plus shipping/handling.

            Now, if you want to grow beyond the initial 60 days (or 2 inches) and desire to get to that 5-inch size and if you want to keep your new larger, thicker, longer, and firmer size, I strongly suggest you join my monthly auto-ship program.  This ensures that you get a fresh supply every month at a super discounted rate.  You can cancel at any time.  You can get onto the auto-ship program for a low $139 $87 a month plus shipping/handling.  If you decide join later (and you will), it will be much more later on.


Secrets Behind Changing the Shape of Your Penis, Cure Impotence, and Even Have Multiple Orgasms!


            I wrote a book on exactly what you need to do to change the shape of your penis.  Sick of having Banana Dick Syndrome?  I have a specific technique you can use to change the shape of your penis if you do it every day.  (And it only takes a couple of minutes.)  Tired of not having a full head?  I’ll show you how to get that nice mushroom head with a secret that will blow your mind.  Did you think that impotence was something you were stuck with?  Think again.  I have a strategy that will cure impotence forever in my exclusive book.  Did you think that multiple orgasms were only for women?  Not quite.  Men can experience this incredible sensation with this one little-known piece of knowledge that you need to know…and once you discover it, you too will be having multiple orgasms in no time!

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee


            If you aren’t satisfied with my cutting-edge, state-of-the-art penis enlargement system then simply return it within 60-days from the receipt of the product and you’ll get a 100% prompt refund (less shipping/handling costs).  No questions asked.  You’ll even get to keep my free gift that I’m giving you. 


Order Now…Before It’s Too Late!


            The reason my system works so well is because half of the product is made outside of the United States.  Right now it’s legal here.  Once it’s reviewed by the FDA, chances are some of the ingredients will come under scrutiny and be forbidden in the U.S., as so many other highly effective and foreign products have been because the greedy pharmaceutical companies want their grubby hands on everything that actually WORKS!  Get your supply while you still can…before the government and pharmaceutical companies put a stop to it.

            To place your order, CLICK HERE or call (661) 295-9191.  You have a LIMITED TIME.  And the longer you take, the longer it will be before your penis can get larger in size. 


Your friend,

Adam Rydek


P.S.  This is the most effective penis enlarging system on the marketplace.  Don’t fall for cheap products and scams that don’t work.  I am my own testimonial.  This product have me an extra 5 inches total.  This worked for me and it can work for you, too!


P.P. S.  Questions?  Email me by clicking here.  I will personally answer any questions you have!

P.P.P.S.  Interested in knowing the ingredients of this product?  CLICK HERE!


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